Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Circle of hell?

I heard a media report yesterday of a pair of comments by the 2 top candidates for US president.

Bush reportedly said: "The world is a better place for having Hussein in a cell. My opponent thinks he should still be in power."

Reportedly, what Kerry actually said was "There should be a circle of hell reserved for Hussein."

This is rather enlightening in either of two interpretations. Taken one way, Bush thinks of Iraq as a circle of hell. This is quite lucid of him, or at least, of Bush's own experience now with Iraq since he "won the war."

Taken another way, Bush views being in power as a circle of hell. I prefer this interpretation, and I trust, or dearly hope, he'll lose his sense of service to country again soon. God knows he's done it before.

Apologies for any minor innacurracies in the quotes. I heard them on the radio, no doubt my memory is less than perfect, but I assert they are thematically as I heard them reported.

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