Sunday, October 24, 2004

Now an award-winning homebrewer

After brewing beer in my kitchen for several years, I won my first homebrew competition yesterday in the 11th annual Brew-Ha-Ha at our friends Jack & Mo's.

The names brewers come up with for their beers are frequently a lot of fun. We had a real "elections" theme to the titles yesterday,  with Ballot Box Root Beer, Undecided Amber, and my own offering, False Victory.

As for the win, "Surprised" best conveys my feelings. Though perhaps it shouldn't, if one pays attention to recent political elections, where we've seen those staking out (or pretending to) the middle ground doing well. Just as in elections, my winning brew was somewhat lighter than my usual - a little less body, a little less hop. And that moderation seemed to work for many. Go figure.

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