Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ironic Spam

I blogged a few days ago about inane password reset questions, and now another amusement from the LA Times ...

I can't remember now why I ever went there - no doubt I was following a link to an article - but in that I don't remember and never go there, I ignored a recent flurry of emails requesting that I visit or my 'subscription' would be canceled. Well, I didn't mind them canceling it, and they said the cancellation would be on a date within a few week, so I gritted my teeth and ignored the (frequent) requests. The problem would solve itself.

My subscription is canceled now, so what do I get? Another email:

"Why have we stopped sending you e-mails?"

As if. I could only wish.

Between the password questions and now this, I'm not sure I'll follow a link to them if I ever get one again.

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